Xiaomi is adding gesture support to its "bezel-less" smartphones


Bezel-less screens on smartphones are the newest fad for smartphone makers.

Market-leading smartphones like the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 have picked up the trend with using the maximum amount of screen and leaving little space for any buttons. To accommodate this self-induced problem, manufacturers are adding in support for gestures. The iPhone X for one, is very gesture-based, with gestures on every corner of the screen from notification centre, to the multitasking pane, to the control centre.

Xiaomi – one of the very first pioneers of the bezel-less smartphones with their Xiaomi Mi MIX concept smartphone is adding gestures to what they call their “full-display” smartphones. It’ll be made available on the Xiaomi Redmi 5, 5+, Mi MIX2 and the Original Mi MIX in a software update coming in MiUI9. Xiaomi dropped the Beta release for this update on Friday, so interested users with these devices can download it and give these gestures a spin on their phones.

In the newly introduce…

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