We drove over 70 cars in 2017 — and these were our favorite engines


We’ve driven dozens of cars and experienced numerous engines in 2017 — these are our favorites. Powerplants range from turbocharged four-cylinders to hybrids to big V8s. Customers can opt for fuel-efficient, performance, or a combination of each.

We can all agree that a big part of falling in love with a car is how it looks on the outside. But ultimately, it’s what’s under the hood that really fires the emotions. An engine is a car’s heart, and a great one is what separates a thrilling machine from the pack. At Business Insider, we drove over 70 cars in 2017 and experienced everything from tiny fuel-sipping hybrids that didn’t threaten 200 horsepower to massive V8s that could surmount 700 hp. There was even a 1,500 horsepower, quad-turbo, W16. But some engines really stuck in our minds. Engines that were exceptional in more than just delivering propulsion for the car — engines that were actually significant, due to their reliability, power, innovation, or history. Here are the 10 best engines we enjoyed in 2017 (in no particular order): SEE ALSO: The most iconic cars from every decade FOLLOW US: on Facebook for more car and transportation content! 1. The Nissan VQ series V6 is one of the most versatile engines in the world. The bulletproof powerplant can be found in everything from the Frontier pickup truck to the 370Z sports car and everything in between. The long-serving engine is known for its reliability and strong power output. 2. The General Motors LT4 Supercharged V8 is the monster that lives beneath the hood of the Corvette Z06 … See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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