The Nokia 2 will be updated to Android 8.1 Oreo

The Nokia 2 will be updated to Android 8.1 Oreo

HMD’s Nokia branded low-end Android smartphone, the Nokia 2, will be receiving a performance-enhancing update to Android 8.1.

It wasn’t entirely clear whether the firm’s lower-priced phones like the Nokia 2 and 3 would get the same access to updates as their more expensive siblings, as firms often only pay attention to the top and mid-ranges of their smartphone lines. The Nokia 2 will indeed be receiving Android Oreo and will be heading straight to 8.1 when HMD rolls out the update. “It will receive Android Oreo.” HMD’s Chief Product Officer confirmed via Twitter via XDA Developers,

“1GB RAM devices will be supported on 8.1 release where many of the Android Go memory management improvements will be integrated. Nokia 2 performance will only get better over time!”

Aside from the normal Android Oreo improvements like Picture in Picture and improved power management, Android Oreo also adds in support for the Android Go software experience for entry-level devices. Google is pushin…

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