The 20 biggest crowdfunding campaigns of 2017

LONDON — 2017 has been another solid year for crowdfunding.  Seedrs, one of the UK’s biggest crowdfunding platforms, surpassed £300 million invested across the platform since its launch and the total invested through crowdfunding surpassed 2016’s total. That’s according to Off3r, a comparison site that lets retail investors compare investment options. Off3r calculates that British startups raised £229 million through crowdfunding this year, around £12 million more than in 2016.  Off3r has rounded up a list of the top 20 crowdfunding campaigns of the year, covering everything from digital banking to healthcare. Here are the companies that crowdfunded the most this year: 20. Core Collective — £2 million

Total raised: £2 million. Platform: Seedrs. Month: April. What is it? Pay-as- you-go fitness class provider. 19. GripIt — £2 million

Total raised: £2 million. Platform: Crowdcube. Month: March. What is it? Heavy duty plasterboard fixings. 18. Warwick Audio — £2.1 million

Total raised: £2.1 million. Platform: SyndicateRoom. Month: July. What is it? Audio technology developer. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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