How to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade

The Rose Parade is a celebration of marching bands and floats made entirely of flowers. It’s pretty cool. You should watch it.

My favorite New Year’s Day pastime (while recovering from New Year’s Eve) is to watch the Tournament of Roses parade. It’s the best parade that’s ever been and has been a standing tradition for 129 years. This year, the parade will feature 44 flower and plant-covered floats, 21 marching bands, and a whole lot of celebrating. The most unique aspect of the Tournament of Roses parade is that every float has to be covered in only natural materials like flowers, plants, bark, seeds, and such.

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It happens at 8:00 AM PT on January 1 (unless it’s a Sunday, in which case the parade is moved to January 2). It runs across the U.S on a number of broadcast channels, like ABC, KTLA, and NBC. It’s also available in Armenia, the Caribbean, Latin America, plus about 100 more territories and countries.

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