How to take a perfect panorama of your whole family

How to take a perfect panorama of your whole family

On the seventh day of tech tips, my true love gave to meeeeee: a perfect panorama of my family!

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means: good food, great company, and a ton of selfies. In fact, based on scientific information that I totally didn’t make up on the spot, selfie-taking activity increases during the holiday season around 4000%.

But one tricky thing about taking a selfie? If there’s more than 3 people in the shot, things get a bit cramped/tricky/not-so-great looking, and before you say “SELFIE STICKS DUH?” — what is this?! 2014?!

Nowadays there are a couple of awesome ways to capture your whole family in a snapshot: and nothing helps more than the Cliquefie Puck.

When I first saw this thing — full disclosure — I thought it was kind of dumb. “Why would someone spend money on a little phone stand that spins slowly for great panorama photos… The hell…”, I thought to myself while sipping eggnog and delving into holiday…