From Obama to Mugabe to the CEO of Uber — 9 figures who left the world stage in 2017

2017 has been a year of change and turmoil. Donald Trump became US president this January, bringing with him an administration rocked by more than a dozen high-profile exits. Robert Mugabe resigned after a military coup, ending a 37-year reign over Zimbabwe. Outside politics, Britain’s Prince Philip officially retired from his formal duties after 65 years of public service. In business, high-profile figures like Uber’s Travis Kalanick also resigned. Scroll down to read about more leaders who left the world stage this year, in chronological order. Barack Obama, US President — January 2017

Barack Obama ended his eight-year presidency on January 20, 2017. In a letter to his successor, Donald Trump,he said: “We’ve both been blessed, in different ways, with great good fortune. “Not everyone is so lucky. It’s up to us to do everything we can (to) build more ladders of success for every child and family that’s willing to work hard.” Park Geun Hye, South Korean President — May 2017

A South Korean court removed Park Geun Hye from the nation’s presidency in March, after she was accused of taking part in an alleged bribery ring which encouraged companies to donate money in return for government favours. Her successor, Moon Jae In, was elected in early May and assumed office the day after. Francois Hollande, French President — May 2017

François Hollande ended his five-year term as French President, and welcomed 39-year-old former banker Emmanuel Macron to the Elysée Palace in May. Macron defeated Marine Le Pen, a far-right, anti-EU nationalist in a landslide victory earlier this year. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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