Benefits of an Effective EMM Strategy

Increased market maturity. From 2009 to 2013, mobile management and security markets experienced rapid expansion and consolidation. This activity, coupled with the fast pace of change at the endpoint, created an atmosphere of uncertainty for the IT buyer. Today, however, enterprises realize that mobile is too prevalent across the organization to stand still. In concert, the solutions have matured enough so that companies have stable options to choose from. Instead of thinking about device management versus containers, enterprises should seek holistic mobile security strategies that look across operating systems, applications, data, and networks. n User centricity. Consumerization has moved the focus of the market from the device to the user. As devices, applications, and data grow in complexity and volume, the idea that identity can provide a stable source of trust becomes more salient. As organizations rely more heavily on identity for centralized policy management, we expect to see a broader interest in biometrics and multifactor authentication. In addition, as the number of devices per user increases, buyers will increasingly seek solutions that offer per-user pricing instead of per-device pricing. n Secure application life-cycle management (ALM). New application development, discovery, and deployment paradigms change the way enterprises think about managing and securing apps/data. IDC recommends that organizations build security into the application development process to ensure that all applications are being secured before deployment in a consistent manner. Most organizations will deploy a mix of custom, packaged, and third-party applications as well as various application architectures and will therefore require flexible solutions. ©2014 IDC 6 n Ongoing importance of email. Although organizations are starting to deploy a range of vertically and horizontally focused apps, email is still considered the killer app for mobile. Offering employees a native or native-like experience for corporate email is key to ensuring end-user compliance and lowering the risk of potential data loss. The ability to integrate mobile email with a back-end data loss prevention (DLP) solution will add another layer of security for this important app. n The amplified imperative for IT/LOB alignment. Mobility has heightened the need for business agility, and it is not unusual for newly empowered lines of business (LOBs) to chart their own course. IDC has observed LOBs rushing off to build mobile applications without IT governance or support, which can lead to major security gaps. Organizations need a way to open the lines of communication between IT and LOB to ensure the correct balance between security and agility is achieved. Other Considerations IDC has observed that customers are struggling with mobility purchasing decisions for several reasons, including the required people and process change management, the fast-moving pace of the technology itself, and the complexity of the vendor landscape. We offer the following considerations to companies seeking mobile security and management solutions: n Strategic approach to vendor selection. Customers are presented with mobile management solutions from a range of vendors with which they have existing relationships as well as net-new companies. Included in this mix of vendors are their security providers, desktop management and/or client virtualization infrastructure vendors, and pure-play mobility management companies. Adding to the complexity are the varied approaches these vendors offer. Due to the pervasive nature of mobility, companies should partner with the vendor that best aligns with their vision of how IT will deliver value to the organization in the future. n Simplicity lowers risk. Although all organizations should implement layered approaches to security, the reality is that each company has a distinctive back-end infrastructure, as well as a unique tolerance for risk. In general, IDC recommends that organizations seek solutions that simplify their infrastructure. Complexity lessens the efficacy of security measures. n Flexibility and future proofing. Mobility is a fast-moving market — an organization's requirements may look quite different within a 6- to 12-month time frame. For this reason, customers need to ensure not only that the vendor they partner with can meet the needs of the organization today but also that this vendor has enough foresight and agility to be in front of tomorrow's trends. In addition to vetting the future orientation and flexibility in mobile product design, organizations need to more heavily scrutinize the broader vision of the vendor they do business with. As mobility becomes more and more interwoven into the fabric of IT, it is critical to do business with vendors with the ability to execute on their vision for growth. Conclusion Today, enterprises around the globe are slowly progressing from the computing platforms of yesterday to the next generation of technology innovation. While the collective power of cloud, social, and mobile technology will enable businesses to transform from their current state to the next level of customer centricity, such major paradigm shifts do not come without new concerns. One such challenge for the enterprise is the ongoing consumerization of technology. While this trend is easily observed by the large range of devices that IT is now required to support, the myriad risks that these new device types present to corporate security are much less visible. Despite all of the complexity mobility brings into the IT environment, savvy organizations realize change is inevitable, and the potential benefits of embracing new technology can far outweigh the risks.

Capitalizing on this opportunity requires a shift in thinking. IT and the business must see security as an enabler of rather than a barrier to business productivity. When IT departments procure security solutions, the end-user experience must be at the forefront of the purchasing decision instead of an afterthought. In addition to a thorough vetting of the user experience, consideration must be given to each step in the end-user workflow. If companies do not take the time to understand the ways in which mobile employees work on their devices, they could be missing potential sources of vulnerability. Of equal importance is the efficacy of the user experience for IT. Solutions that tie in with existing security infrastructure and offer a streamlined process to manage devices, apps, and data across users are more efficient and secure than cobbling together a patchwork solution from various point products. While striking this elusive balance between end-user enjoyment and protection can be a challenge, companies that succeed at this task will find the resulting business outcomes are worth the journey to get there.

The Benefits of an Effective EMM Strategy Companies that deploy enterprise mobility management and security solutions can gain the following benefits:

  • Enable employee productivity in a secure and user-friendly fashion

  • Meet compliance mandates

  • Avoid data loss and enhance data protection by providing separation between personal and corporate information on the device

  • Prevent malicious and risky apps from getting access to sensitive data on devices or corporate networks

  • Prevent compromised devices from accessing corporate networks.

  • Provide granular role-based access to information and ensure that users are held to the same level of security practices across all of their devices.

  • Enable single sign-on across mobile applications.

  • Set different levels of security/policy by app type

  • Provide a centralized method to manage device and application inventories, life cycles, and policies

  • Integrate security/compliance policies with file/docume acess.

Credits: Excerpt from IDC_1793.pdf.

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