Backup and Clone Your Disk Drives with BakAndImgCD, Now Based on 4MLinux 24.0

To celebrate the new year, 4MLinux developer Zbigniew Konojacki‏ informed us today on the availability of a new release of his BakAndImgCD disk backup and cloning live Linux system. Based on 4MLinux 24.0, which is currently in development, BakAndImgCD 24.0 uses the latest 4MLinux Backup Scripts 24.0 to help anyone who needs a portable live system that eases the backup and cloning of disk drivers. On top of that, BakAndImgCD 24.0 comes bundled with up-to-date GNU/Linux technologies and open source software projects aimed at any kind of data backup or disk cloning operation on supported filesystems.A versatile data backup and disk cloning live Linux system An official fork of the 4MLinux distro, BakAndImgCD is a versatile data backup and disk cloning live Linux system that supports a broad range o… (read more)

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