Apple Watch Wishes Wearers Happy New Year, Shows Fireworks on the Clock Face

If you own an Apple Watch, chances are it will great you into the new year with a notification, which shows fireworks on the clock face when tapped. Apple Watch is one of the smartest smartwatches out there, and it’s a lot of fun too. It has a wide range of faces to chose from, allowing you to customize each one to your liking, great fitness features, and some other little things that make a big difference when compared with similar devices. Surprise notifications are one of those little things that make the Apple Watch a great smartwatch, and you get them on various special occasions, such as to celebrate the new year. If you own an Apple Watch, you might want to check the notification area for a special message.Happy New Year! That’s right, Apple Watch wishes wearers a happy new year if it’s past 12 midnight where you are in the world. And, if you tap on the notification, it will show fireworks for a couple of seconds on the clock face you hav… (read more)

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