Take control of your Organization by adding a MSP "Microsoft Service Partner"

More than a vendor.   a Trusted Advisor

 A managed services provider (MSP) delivers a set of services to clients, either proactively or as needed. For more than 20 years, large enterprises have relied on managed services businesses to manage information and customer workloads.  Adding managed services to your business helps address your customers’ needs by uncovering opportunities that provide long-term value with ongoing services and potentially IP.  Additionally, adopting managed services is also an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, get access to necessary skills, and address a range of issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk.short blocks of copy – like a product description.

What else makes an MSP? It’s a premium quality service provided on  an ongoing contractual basis, rather a cost-per-project. The best way  to think of about managed services (and something you’ll hear throughout this guide) is that it’s a long-term investment—not only in your own business, but also in your clients’ operations.

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Think of a managed services provider as a trusted advisor who has intimate knowledge of the objectives that customers are trying to achieve.

The true value of managed services is in the ownership of the end to end solutions that allow both you and your customers’ businesses to thrive.
Keep in mind that being an MSP is not so much an exclusive business model, but rather a value-added offering that allows companies like yours to further wrap your expertise around your clients’ businesses. You’re not just a one-off vendor; you’re a trusted adviser who can provide well-rounded solutions to your customers’ needs.
Above all, the cornerstone of managed services is exactly what the name implies: services, provided as part of a long-term customer relationship. If you’re looking to launch a managed services practice, your first step is to determine which services you want to offer. From providing basic cloud support to advanced security solutions, there is room for managed services in your business.





"Approached methods of management, with a focus on scale, elasticity, automation, versatility, and quality services management"


Managed Services gives partners the opportunity to own the customer relationships end-to-end. Giving both  customers and partners the option to engage businesses, Most times, turn up new opportunities. That’s a great way to set partners (and your customers) up for long-term success and generate consistently positive returns on both sides of the equation.
Managed services are easier to budget, with predictable monthly charges instead of unplanned and potentially massive charges after  a major outage

 Managed services help reduce costly on-site visits and troubleshooting time.

Automating that process frees up your business—and your customers’ businesses—to address bigger issues  Developing a strategy for routine monitoring and management  is much more effective than reacting only when things break

One of the biggest opportunities for partners is to help customers not only understand the superior functionality of cloud offerings, but also transition to managing their production workloads in the public cloud. Whether we are a primary business is IT consulting, systems integration, managed IT services, or data center hosting, cloud-based managed services offer a new, higher-margin business line that can deliver  a stable, steady stream of recurring new resources.

We are...

Focused on understand what our customers’ uses and goals are for their new cloud infrastructure. 

Design a managed service that adds value based on these goals. We provide custom application-development-as-a-service.